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Kathak Workshop and Performance by Smt. Kajal Sharma at Kathak Kendra, New Delhi

February 2024, at Kathak Kendra New Delhi, along with a lineup of performances, saw its kickstart with a thoughtfully conducted 3-day workshop by Ms. Kajal Sharma from London. Ms Kajal Sharma is one of the senior disciples of the legendary Kathak Exponent, Pt. Birju Maharaj, carrying forward his legacy in a spectacular manner.

The workshop was held from 1st February to 3rd February 2024. It was organised for Kathak students of Advanced Course batches, that is, for the students of Diploma(Hons.) Courses and Post Diploma Courses.

Ms. Kajal Sharma had designed her workshop series in a very masterful way, that she taught the students, relevant according to their respective courses. The students gained knowledge in Teentaal and Jhaptaal, of compositions created for different courses. The students learnt technical compositions like 'Tez Aamad', different combinations of footwork through an elaborated 'Chalan', 'Tihaai', and learnt a 'Parmelu', that not only incorporated the sounds of nature and instruments but also, of the tingling sounds of the ornaments. All of these were taught in Teentaal and Jhap Taal.

Ms. Kajal Sharma, while imparting her knowledge, pointed out, how, the students should work on the placing of feet in the most effective manner. That is, one should put a flat slap while stamping the flat foot, but should also take care about pinning down the heel for the other syllable sounds of the feet.

On Day 3, the workshop was seen wounding up with a snippet performance by the students, that they could grasp and learn during the three days of the workshop. It was followed up by a solo performance by Ms. Kajal Sharma as well. She began her performance, by taking the name of Lord Ganesha, by performing a Ganesh Vandana, "Gaj Mukh Vadana". She progressed further with the technical compositions in the time-cycle of Teen Taal and concluded her performance with a beautiful Thumri, "Dagar Chalat".

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