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Art from time immemorial has potentially established human emotions and curated aesthetic essence within its parameters as well as in its surroundings. It envelops along with the variants of society, history and beliefs of mankind and treasures whilst representing the intricacies of it. The Kathak Kendra has been treasuring, propagating and displaying the art of Kathak dance since 1964, This National Institute of Kathak Dance stands on the efforts made by its associated legendary Kathak artistes, art connoisseurs and great Kathak Gurus at different time periods since its inception. After decades of its prominent existence, now when I am bestowed with this privilege of leading the grandeur of Kathak Kendra, at the foremost I thank the Almighty for blessing me with this great opportunity and the competent authority of the Sangeet Natak Akademi (New Delhi) and the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India for having faith in my capabilities. The Kathak Kendra disseminates training at various levels to national and foreign students which happens to be a strong backbone to unleash one's dancing spirit and the Kathak Kendra's Repertory Unit is an ensemble of selected Kathak practitioners from across different places of India that prominently spreads the creations of the Kathak Kendra. The Kathak Kendra also executes with strong Committees, teachers/Guru and administrative staff for its smooth conduct and functioning. Involving arts and artistes from different genres of art is an effort to develop and imbibe our students with the world art techniques and broaden their artistic outlook. Every month the Kathak Kendra organises events within its premises and across different cities to promote the essence of Kathak dancers and network along with the Kathak fraternity. The Kathak Kendra is on verge of global facilitation and for this we have initiated a digital monthly newsletter, podcast, blogging and video series centering Kathak dance which will certainly benefit the upcoming Kathak artistes as well as place a platform for all prominent Kathak legends to share their exquisite experiences. I invite the world to join KATHAK KENDRA for the love of 'KATHAK'. 

Smt. Pranaame Bhagawati ~ Bio-Profile

Smt. Pranaame Bhagawati is an internationally toured Indian classical danseuse, choreographer, author and cultural activist encompassing her artistic skills in places like Germany, Dubai, UK, USA, Maldives, Tanzania, Guyana, Qatar, etc. She started her initial training under Shri Bipul Das in Guwahati, further extended herself in performing in few dance ballads of the legendary Pt. Birju Maharaj. her Prominence in dance choreographies unfurled with new dimension along with her dancer - choreographer husband Shri Rudra Jayanta Bhagawati. Smt. Pranaame Bhagawati brought laurels to her State Assam by winning the Gold Medal twice in Kathak dance at the national level for festivals organised by the Sports Authority, Women and Child Welfare Department and Govt. of India. She is known for her dance choreographies and ballads amalgamating northeast classical and folk dances along with other mainstream dances of Indi. She is the former Regional Officer at the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) - Guwahati Regional Office under the Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India, Pranaame proved herself to be a diligent, enthusiastic and proactive cultural administrator during her work tenure. Besides being a professional danseuse - choreographer, she is also a Masters in Mass Communications from Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology, Hisar (Haryana). She founded the AMRAPALI (Society for ARTS) for the propagation of traditional culture, international exchanges and cultural sustainability. She is a creative genius and a visionary. She initiated the digital cultural magazine namely, the Amrapali Magazine and a Podcast namely Amrapali TalkArts. Smt. Pranaame Bhagawati authored two books upon dance 'Kathak Dance for School Students' and 'The Art of Dancing' both of which are under publication.

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PC: Amrapali TalkArts

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