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Kathak Kendra repertory’s performance at Nishagandhi Dance Festival-2024

In the beautiful city of Thiruvananthapuram, takes place, one of India’s grandest

dance festivals, that is, Nishagandhi Dance Festival. This year the festival took place

from 15th February 24 to 21st February,24. Kathak Kendra’s repertory performed in this

festival on the 15th of February. The repertory, with a team of 7 dancers and 4

musicians presented 6 choreographic pieces, choreographed by Guru Krishna Mohan

Mishra and Guru Rani Khanum. The team of dancers comprised of Mukesh Gangani,

Mohit Shridhar, Sunny Sisodiya, Krupa Tendulkar, Minu Garu, Priyanka Kapil and Sujata

Gawde. They were accompanied by a team of musicians, Shri Shahbaz Khan on

Tabla, Shri Vijay Parihar on Vocal, Shri Anil Mishra on Sarangi and Shri Fateh Ali Khan

on Sitar.

The performance begins with Mukesh Gangani’s solo performance, titled “Kasturi

Tilakam”, choreographed by Guru Krishna Mohan Maharaj. Following this, came a

group composition called “Jaaki Mahima”, and it was presented by Mukesh Gangani,

Mohit Shridhar, Minu Garu, Sujata Gawade, Priyanka Kapil and Krupa Tendulkar. The

next piece presented was choreographed by Guru Rani Khanum, “Naachata Sudanga”,

and was beautifully decorated by all the 7 artists on the stage. “Re...Mann”, choreographed

by Guru Krishna Mohan Maharaj ji, was then brought out aesthetically by the four

female artists, Minu Garu, Priyanka Kapil, Sujata Gawde and Krupa Tendulkar. The

evening then saw the emergence of a traditional and very famous episode from the

mythology, the tale of “Kaliya Daman”, where the playful Krishna was portrayed by

Mukesh Gangani and the devil, Kaliya was put up by Sunny Sisodia, beautifully

supported by Minu Garu, Mohit Shridhar, Krupa Tendulkar and Priyanka Kapil. The

Kathak Kendra Repertory concluded their performance with the composition of Holi, a

very upcoming and celebratory festival, with which the dancers and the musicians

signed off the stage with the soul of colours, celebrations and joy.

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