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Kathak Kendra rejoices in the celebration of “Sattriya Sansktiti Sangam”

On 17th February, Kathak Kendra, New Delhi, in collaboration with Shri Shri Kamlabadi

Satra Majuli, Assam, performed in the gracious event, “Sattriya Sansriti Sangram, held

in the Sadbhavna Auditorium of Daulat Ram College, Delhi University. It was a beautiful

celebration of dance and culture in this pious event. The event saw a lined sequence of

thoughtful speeches by the senior members of the Sattriya community, followed by

the cultural programs, which showcased the traditional folk drums of Assam, played by

the artists. After the magnificent musical drum piece, Kathak Kendra presented its two

beautiful choreographies.

The performance was initiated by Kathak Kendra’s repertory artists, Sonam Chauhan, Aditi Bhardwaj, Rohit Pawar, Krishna Dutt Tripathi, Neeraj Parihar and Abhay Maharaj, who first, presented the composition, “Swagatam”, composed and choreographed by Guru Rani Khanum, and then concluded their performance with the choreography “Sargam”, composed and choreographed by Guru Rajendra Gangani.

After Kathak Kendra’s repertory, there was a presentation of an amalgamation of

Kathak and Bharatanatyam, composed and choreographed by Guru Abhimanyu Lal,

called, “Maatribhoomi”. The Kathak artists for “Maatribhoomi” were Varsha Dasgupta,

Swasti Jha, Ankita Dutta, Dikhsha Thapliyal and Shubhanshi Jain, who are the present

and pass-out disciples of Kathak Kendra, trained under Guru Abhimanyu Lal. The

Bharatanatyam artists, Priyanka Rawat, Soumya Nandal, P. Vaishnavi, Saranya Warrier

and Varsha Chand, were from Ganesh Natyalaya, a Bharatanatyam institution founded by

Guru Saroja Vaidyanathan, now led by Guru Rama Vaidyanathan

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