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Festive Bells in Benaras with Kathak Kendra, New Delhi

Updated: Mar 5

Rarely comes a day, when the whole nation celebrates a pious event, together, but in their different land zones and air. In recent times, it was on 22nd January 2024, which marked the day of the foundation of the much-awaited Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, that established the idol of Lord Ram, in the locus of the temple. Along with the celebrations at Kathak Kendra New Delhi, with an ongoing event "Jai Shree Ram", Kathak Kendra was also celebrating, with art, in Varanasi, in the event 'Kala Pravaah'. It was organised by Sangeet Natak Akademi, with the collaboration of Kashi Vishwanath Mandir Nyas.

Guru Pandit Rajendra Kumar Gangani, along with his ensemble of disciples and accompanying artists, presented a series of compositions. The performance began with a group choreography, invoking the Lord of Dance, Lord Shiva, with the lyrics of the traditional octave, "Rudrashtakam", in raag Raageshwari and Raag Bageshwari. "Rudrashtakam" saw its finishing with the entry of Guru Rajendra Gangani. From there, the performance was stitched to the beautiful fabric of traditional technical nuances in the time cycle of 11 beats, RudraTaal, with the presentation of some solo, duet, trio and group compositions. Followed by this, Pt. Rajendra Gangani embarked upon some magnificent and chosen technical compositions in Taal Teental, the time-cycle of 16 beats. A celebration and performance are always rejoiced, when one takes God's name in the beginning, as well as in the end. With this thought, Pt. Rajendra Gangani, concluded the performance by presenting a soulful 'Ram-Bhajan' and it somehow took everyone to Ayodhya, with serene expressions and suave movements. Disciples performed, under the guidance of Guru Rajendra Gangani were Ami Jain, Diksha Thapliyal, Arohi Athvale, Anshika Pandey, Gaurav Shridhar, Mayank Patwa, Nandini Sharma and Kashika Bassi. On music accompaniment, there was Shri Fateh Singh Gangani on Tabla, Shri Naveen Prasad on Vocals and Harmonium, Shri Salman Warsi on Pakhawaj, Shri Fateh Ali khan on Sitar and Guru Rajendra Gangani orchestrated the whole performance with his Padhant.

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