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Namaskar and a very warm welcome to all!

A new beginning with a new year, is always a challenge, with a beautiful coating of hope of blossoms and blooms. The challenge is about rooting for new projects, staying connected with the tradition and blossoming for new hopes with all the tangents of the audience. With the thriving drive of endeavour and enthusiasm, we, here at Kathak Kendra New Delhi, began the year of 2024 with a series of events, personifying the thought of ‘A new breath’ with an echo of everlasting fragrance. 2024 began its journey with its monthly rendition of ‘Kathak Yatra’ to Majuli, Assam on 6th January, 2024. Kathak Kendra’s repertory artists as well as the institute’s designated artists together celebrated the 100 years of Auiniati Hem Chandra Higher Secondary School, with beautiful performances, incorporating the local essence. After the Majuli trip, Kathak Kendra vividly celebrated the festivities of Lord Ram’s temple inauguration ceremony of Ayodhya, by somehow bringing the air of Ayodhya to Delhi, with a lineup of devotional performances of vocal singing by Atul Devesh, solo Kathak performances by Ridhima Singh and Avenav Mukherjee and group choreography presented by Guru Malti Shyam. Then came the grand celebration of the year, after a hoop of 6 years; the 36th Kathak Mahotsav, infusing artists from many corners of the world for a 3-day long festivity of Kathak, woven with inspiring seminars, talk shows and scintillating performances.

The month’s closing of events came with the celebration of the foundation day of National Commission for Women, at the Bharat Mandapam, Pragati Maidan, with a group choreography of ‘Nav Durga’ celebrating Womanhood at its prime, by senior Kathak exponent and Guru Jai Kishan Maharaj. I have often heard people say, that “It is just the beginning”. I, on behalf of all colleagues, especially Ms. Pranaame Bhagawati, Director of Kathak Kendra, can proudly say, “It is for the infinity”, and we will keep striving and thriving hard for the upliftment of arts, for the upcoming months and years.

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