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Namaste! The 2024 has brought in a lot of creative hustles on our part and supported us to deliberately endure artiststic excellence. The month of January 2024 was very busy, as we scheduled the prestigious and most awaited Kathak Mahotsav. This 3-day long event was meticulously lined up with thought provoking Talk Shows and Seminars in Morning Sessions and with house full spectators in the evening dance concerts. The 36th Kathak Mahotsav 2024 ~ New Delhi was an amazing gathering of art connoisseurs and Kathak lovers. It was truly an overwhelming experience for all who were present.

Kathak Kendra's Repertory Unit at Kathak Yatra - Majuli Edition

The January 2024 month started with the refreshing note of everlasting memoir of aesthetic collaboration. Most importantly the energy which it brought in was an indication to upcoming bright phases of artistic renditions. Accomplishing various events and sometime with limited time frames was a challenge, but not impossible. The Kathak Kendra's Repertory Unit, its students and Gurus besides their regular schedule did creatively joined in many outreached programmes and intensive executions.

Starting the 'Kathik' newsletter was a thought to network Kathak artistes and our Alumni worldwide as well as to place various thought-provoking concepts on Kathak dance. The potentiality of the Kathak Kendra is infinite wherein the strength of all 'Kathakaars' can create wonders in bringing forth this institute up to creating history for the Kathak dance art.

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